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Yongrong is known as one of the famous other hydraulic fittings manufacturers and suppliers in China. The other hydraulic fittings we offer are mainly manufactured to American standards SAEJ514 and SAEJ1453. The products are made of American Standard 1045# steel, stainless steel 316 (304), copper and copper alloy, and are formed by integral hot forging. The other hydraulic fittings produced by our factory are favored by consumers at home and abroad because of their reasonable price and superior quality.

Our hydraulic fittings has excellent mechanical properties and solves the shortcomings of welding methods. Available in straight, 90° and 45° angle, tee, and cross. These products are mainly used in hydraulic, lubrication, cooling and other fluid systems. Besides, we have enough technology to manufacture other mechanical parts according to customer's design. Hydraulic fittings have many applications, some of which include: vacuum systems, chilled water, hot water, permanent or temporary plumbing services, oil-free compressed air, circulating heating, plant cooling systems, water treatment systems, in-wall applications (without access panels) ) and underground pipelines.

Our factory produces high-quality other hydraulic fittings. Yongrong has been focusing on researching various hydraulic fittings for many years, and has its own brand. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. You are welcome to sign with us and buy what you need with our good service, we look forward to being your most trusted partner.
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Pressure Testing Adapter

Pressure Testing Adapter

Our Pressure Testing Adapter are manufactured mainly according to American Standard,SAEJ514 and SAEJ1453. The products are made of American Standard 1045# steel, stainless steel 316(304), copper and copper alloy which are formed into blocks by integral hot forging method. Welcome to buy Pressure Testing Adapter from Yongrong. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

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Where can you find newest, advanced Other Hydraulic Fittings? Yongrong Technology is definitely the answer! We are known as one of the famous Other Hydraulic Fittings manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory produces quality Other Hydraulic Fittings, which can be purchased at a cheap price. You are welcomed to contract us and buy what you need with our good service. We have our own brands, and we are looking forward to becoming your most reliable partner.