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How to choose a ruler? Features of different rulers


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Today I will introduce you how to choose a ruler.
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Ordinary rulers are often used in drawing, measurement, etc. The measurement data is more reliable, and this type of ruler has a certain hardness, and can be divided into many types according to different accuracy.

How to choose a ruler?
triangle ruler

Triangle rulers are often sold together with ordinary rulers. The shape of the triangle ruler is a triangle. Generally, there are two in a set, one is an isosceles right triangle, and the other is a right triangle with an angle of 30 degrees.

How to choose a ruler?
Steel tape

Steel tapes are often used in engineering measurement, especially on construction sites. This type of ruler is the most common. When purchasing, consider the limit length of the steel tape and whether it can be stretched freely.
How to choose a ruler?
high precision ruler

There are many types of high-precision rulers, such as vernier calipers, feeler gauges, etc. This type of ruler is often used in occasions that require high accuracy of measurement data.
How to choose a ruler?

Choose according to material and quality
Plastic material

Plastic rulers are still relatively common in the market, mainly used as rulers for students, but in some industries that require high measurement accuracy, they are almost invisible.

How to choose a ruler?
wooden material

Wooden rulers generally have a certain thickness, but it is precisely because of the material, so the density is not high, and it is easy to fade during use.

Metal Material

Metal material is the most commonly used material for rulers, because this material has obvious advantages, has certain toughness, high measurement accuracy, is not easy to deform, and has a long service life.