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What are the commonly used plumbing tools? How to connect the water pipe?


The leader in the plumbing tool industry - Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd. tells you what are the commonly used plumbing tools today? How to connect the water pipe?
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The tools required for the installation of water pipes include: pipe wrenches, pressure pliers, hacksaws, wrenches, hot melters, etc., which are the most commonly used. The specific accessories required are hot and cold water pipes, pipe sleeves, tee, elbows, angle valves, etc. Installing water pipes is a relatively simple project, but requires a lot of tools and accessories.
There are two cases for the water pipe. If you install a steel water pipe, you can use electric welding, but you can't encounter water. To keep the welding point dry, you need to take a pipe wrench to turn it tight.
If it is a plastic water pipe, it needs to be installed with a hot-melt machine. The use of a hot-melt machine is more difficult and requires an experienced master to use it. The hot-melt method is very firm, and it is not a problem to use it for 10 years.