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How to prune branches


Today, Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd., the professional manufacturer of Bypass Pruner, will explain to you how to prune branches.
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1. Short cut
One of the pruning methods of branches is short truncation, that is, cutting off a part of the branches, the purpose is to stimulate the germination of side buds, extract new shoots, and increase the number of new branches.
The amount of truncation can be divided into mild, moderate and severe, retraction, etc., among which the mild truncation is 1/5-1/4 of the full length of the branch, and the severe truncation is 2/3-3/4.
2. Thinning
When thinning the branches, it is mainly to cut the branches from the meristem to adjust the even distribution of the branches, increase the space inside the plant, and improve the ventilation and light transmission.
It is beneficial to the formation of the crown and the differentiation of flower buds. The branches targeted by thinning pruning are diseased branches, dry branches, dense branches and cross branches.
3. Tiller removal
When removing tillers of trees, remove the twigs growing at the base of the trunk and near the wound, or the root tillers that grow from the roots, otherwise these branches and root tillers will affect the tree.
The shape of the tree, while dispersing the nutrients in the tree, is not conducive to the vigorous growth of the tree.
4. Topping
Topping, also known as topping, refers to the work of removing the top of the reserved branches, basic branches or side branches. Topping can control the height of the tree.
Conducive to the thickening of the plant growth, accelerate the development of flower buds and fruits, topping is generally carried out in the morning to avoid sunburn caused by strong light.