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Precautions for use of Spin Dry Mop


Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with high quality and durable Spin Dry Mop products. Today, I will also explain to you the precautions for using Spin Dry Mop.
Choosing a rotary mop is a very important choice for household chores and labor. The facade of the home floor is almost completely controlled by it. Grasping the basic principles and using the right mop will become a household help. In order to facilitate the next time, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance after using the rotary mop, so as to maintain the service life of the mop.
Seven principles of rotary mop selection:
1. The handle is easy to handle and not easy to fall off and turn
2. The mop cloth surface has good water absorption
3. The mop material does not drop chips
4. The mop is easy to wring out the water without any effort
5. The mop is easy to remove dirt and does not stick to dirt
6. Different needs to choose different functions
7. Home space storage does not occupy space.
8. A small number of high-end rotary mops have a labor-saving transmission device.