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Classification of network cable pliers


How are network pliers classified? Let us tell you!
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Network cable pliers are tools used to crimp network cables or telephone lines and crystal heads. They have different names due to different regions: network terminal pliers, network pliers, cable crimping pliers, network cable pliers, etc.
According to the function, it can be divided into single use, dual use and triple use.
Single use points:
4P (4-core wire that can be crimped: telephone access wire) (4P: 4 Pin, that is, 4 pins)
6P (6-core wire that can be crimped: telephone microphone wire RJ11) (RJ11: Registered Jack11, that is, the registered jack 11)
8P (8-core wire can be crimped: network cable RJ45)
The dual-use is actually a combination of the above specifications: 4P+6P or 4P+8P or 6P+8P.
The three uses are 4P+6P+8P, fully functional.
Generally, it has the function of stripping and trimming, and merchants usually sell a small stripping knife when they sell.