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How to properly use Ratchet Crimping Pliers?


Today your old friend Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd. teaches you how to use Ratchet Crimping Pliers properly.
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In our daily life, we often come into contact with a commonly used hardware tool-crimping pliers. The crimping pliers are one of the common tools for suppressing the route. I believe that friends who use over-pressing caps know that at the end of the line When inserting the crimping cap, you need to use crimping pliers to fix it.
The crimping pliers are precision hardware tools, which cannot be used for other purposes, and cannot be operated savagely. The terminal to be crimped must be matched with the crimping tool used. If the terminal size is not suitable for the crimping pliers, under-crimping or over-crimping will occur, and the crimping pliers may be damaged and malfunction.

Generally, according to the frequency of daily use, the contact surfaces of the pins, shafts and bearings of the crimping pliers should be lubricated in time; when the crimping pliers are not in use, put them in the tool box and store them in a clean and dry place.

Make sure that the ratchet is disengaged after the front end of the die is pressed against each other. When using manual ratchet crimping pliers, do not work near voltage lines or live conductors to avoid the risk of electric shock. There should be no dirt on the pressing surface during use.

After use, it needs to be cleaned and used again, otherwise the crimping will be incomplete or malfunction. In addition, do not continue to use it when it is loose.