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What is Oil Feed Glass Cutter? How does it work?


An expert in hardware tools - Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd. tells you what is Oil Feed Glass Cutter today? How does it work?
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When cutting, kerosene will be left along the glass knife, kerosene has better permeability to the glass, and then it is easy to crack the glass when hitting the glass.
The glass knife needs to be dipped in kerosene when cutting. The oil-filled glass knife is a place where oil is stored on the glass knife. When it is used, the kerosene flows naturally to the knife head, which is convenient to use.
Glass knives have diamonds on them. The diamond grinder has a sharper but sharper edge. Run a glass knife across the surface of the glass, and the blade will leave a sharp-bottomed groove in the glass. This surface of the glass ribbon groove is then pulled. Since the groove bottom is very sharp, there is a large stress concentration, and the glass of the brittle material is easily cracked along this groove.