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How to use Telecommunication pliers


Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd. is here today to explain how to use Telecommunication pliers:
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Network cable wiring standards are divided into 568A and 568B. Different standards are represented on different line sequences
568A: White-green, green, white-orange, blue, white-blue, orange, white-brown, brown
568B: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown
This order means that the crystal head inlet is down, the shrapnel is outward, and the metal feet are facing you from left to right.
Use net pliers to peel off the outer skin of the network cable (be careful not to cut off the inner core). Some net pliers are divided into pressure openings and wire stripping openings. If there are wire stripping openings, plug the wire in and cut it off to strip the wire skin without damaging the wire core. Be careful if there is no wire stripping opening. After stripping the wire skin, there are eight four pairs of wires twisted together one by one, and each pair of wires is divided into one wire.
Then arrange them in a standard order, then line up the lines and straighten them with your fingers, then insert these eight lines into the crystal head, so that the ends of each line can touch the metal feet, and then put the lines together with the crystal. Insert the head into the wire crimping port on the net pliers, be careful not to let the wire come out, and finally press the net pliers down.
Generally, a good crystal head has a 'beep' sound when it is pressed, which means that it is pressed, and the poor quality can only be pressed hard, and then gently pulled by hand after pressing. If it can be pulled out, it is not pressed well. If it cannot be pulled out with medium force, it is connected. Then use the tester to test the connection status of the network cable with the crystal head connected at both ends. If it cannot be connected, cut off the connected crystal head again It is enough to leave 1CM for the general wire core, as long as the crystal head can press the outer skin.