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Classification of pipe cutters and precautions for use


Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd., an expert in pipe cutters, will tell you the classification of pipe cutters and precautions for use today:
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There are three main types of cutters:
1. Simple pipe cutter.
2. PVC aluminum plastic pipe cutter.
3. Spliced heavy-duty pipe cutter.
Uses: Simple pipe cutters and PVC aluminum-plastic pipe cutters are mainly used for ppr and pvc pipes with a pipe diameter of less than 50mm. The application of heavy-duty spliced heavy-duty pipe cutters is generally not common and not commonly used.
Cautions when using PVC pipe cutters:
Choose a suitable cutter according to the diameter of the pipe to be cut; check the integrity of the cutter, blade and lead screw, and whether the cutter is cracked; clean the pipe, clamp the cut pipe firmly with pressure tongs, and measure the cutting length. Good record.
Use the cutting knife with one hand, and turn the adjustment handle with the other hand to make the opening fit; insert the pipe, align the knife blade with the mark, lightly draw a circle, and add oil to the surface of the pipe to be cut and the movable parts of the pipe cutting knife.
When cutting, the pipe should be firmly clamped, and the cutting blade and roller should be perpendicular to the pipe. When the cutting knife is first cutting, the amount of knife can be slightly larger, and the amount of each knife will gradually decrease. The direction of rotation is the same as the direction of the opening, not reversed, the force must be even, not too strong, and the knife must not be shaken left and right