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Tips for using Home Use Utility Knife


Ningbo Yongrong Technology provides you with high-quality Home Use Utility Knife

When using utility knives, we often encounter utility knives. After using for a long time, the tip of the knife will be blunt. It is not as smooth as when you first bought it. Some people want to change the blade or buy it directly. After a new one, the utility knife actually has a trick to make the old knife look new. It is as sharp as the new knife. If you want to know how to do it, see the following tutorial Ningbo Yongrong Technology for you to explain in detail.
On the blade of the utility knife, we can see that there are a lot of small diagonal lines on the blade. At first we thought it was for decoration, but it was not.
Let’s take a look at the end of the utility knife handle. You can see that there is a plastic plug that can be taken out. After taking it out, you can replace the old blade and replace it with a new one. That’s it, but this is only one of them. Just a function
If you look closely at the plug, you will find that there is a small slit on the plug. What is it for? Yes, this is something that can refresh the old blade.
This small gap can just fit into the blade, and the diagonal pattern on the blade is reserved by the manufacturer. The plug can break the blunt tip of the blade from the diagonal pattern, and the remaining part can become a new knife.
When using the plug to pull the blade, do not extend the blade too much. It is about a diagonal position, so that it will not cause uneven force when pulling the blade and concentrate the stress on the diagonal. Ningbo Yongrong Technology provides you with high-quality Home Use Utility Knife