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Ningbo Yongrong teaches you how to use Copper Tube Cutter correctly


Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd. produces high quality Copper Tube Cutter for customers all over the world!
1. Make a mark on the length to be cut. Until the blade can be inserted into the black outer layer of the wire, but do not insert too deep (red box 1 in Figure 2), to avoid deforming the wire and unable to rotate or difficult to rotate.
2. Align the pipe mark with the cutter wheel to ensure that the pipe is correctly seated on the cutter wheel, and then use the foot pump-type pipe to align with the cutter wheel to avoid inaccurate cutting.
3. Standing behind the pipe, apply pressure on the foot pump with your foot, and continuously drive the foot pump to make the pivot arm and cutter wheel enter the pipe.
4. When the cutter wheel contacts the pipe, make the pump work for 2-3 strokes, and then start the 700 power drive device. Once the cutter wheel engages with the pipe, the pipe will start to rotate.
5. Repeat pumping several times to seat the cutter wheel, then stop pumping and make the pipe rotate 1-2 times.
6. Repeat the operation of the foot pump four times, just turn the pipe one round, and perform this step continuously until the pipe is completely cut.
Copper Tube Cutter is your good choice.