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What is LED Electric Test Pen? What is the purpose of the LED Electric Test Pen?


Ningbo Yongrong Technology Co., Ltd. produces quality LED Electric Test Pen for customers all over the world.
1. It can measure whether any wires in the line are in phase or out of phase. The method is: stand on an object insulated from the earth, hold a test pen in each hand, and then test on the two wires to be tested. If the two test pens are very bright, the two wires are different. Phase, otherwise it is in phase.
2. It can distinguish between alternating current and direct current. During the test, if the two poles (both ends of the tube) in the neon tube of the electric pen glow, it is an alternating current. If only one of the two poles emits light, it is a direct current.
3. It can judge the positive and negative poles of direct current. Connected to the DC circuit for testing, the neon tube's illuminated pole is the negative pole, and the non-illuminated pole is the positive pole.
4. It can judge whether the DC is grounded. In a DC system insulated to the ground, you can stand on the ground and touch the positive or negative pole of the DC system with a test pen. If the neon tube of the test pen does not light up, there is no grounding phenomenon. If it is lit, it means that there is grounding. It shines as if on the tip of a pen, which means that the positive pole is grounded. If it shines on one end of the finger, the negative pole is grounded. But it is not limited to those with grounding monitoring relay. LED Electric Test Pen is your good choice.