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What is a crimping pliers


Crimping pliers, as the name suggests, are a tool related to wiring. Crimping pliers are also called wire pliers. In our daily life, the use of network cables and telephone lines is indispensable for crimping tools. People who use computers often It is known that the use of the network cable can only be used after the network cable is connected to the crystal head. The connector of the telephone line is also the crystal head. The contact of the crystal connector is very simple, but it must be pressed by a crimping tool to make it.
The function and use skills of crimping pliers

As far as the current standard of living is concerned, telephones and computers are no longer rare things. Basically, every family has telephones and computers. Therefore, the use of crimping pliers is becoming more and more extensive, and the functions of crimping pliers are also Gradually comprehensive and innovative, and, on the basis of the original tradition, in addition to the development of many new functions and types, such as importing other previous, rechargeable crimping pliers, rechargeable hydraulic crimping pliers, and manual integral type Crimping pliers, and there are different types of specifications, different types of crimping pliers are used for different lines, the general type is KYQ-300B, and the lines that can be connected are terminals that can be crimped with copper 300 aluminum 240 or less. Moreover, this type of crimping pliers is very fast and light to use. The crimping form is also hexagonal. There is a built-in safety valve in the crimping pliers. When the pressure reaches a certain value, The best-understood set value in the crimping tool will automatically relieve the pressure when it reaches a certain index.