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The history of hand tools


Hand tool is a tool for transforming and conquering nature, which is produced and developed at the same time as human beings. The original hand tools were extremely simple, such as wooden sticks and angular stones.

After humans were able to finely process stones or animal bones into stone axes, stone knives and bone needles, they began to use more complicated hand tools. In 4000 BC, the emergence of metallurgical technology promoted the separation of agriculture and handicraft industry, and also improved the manufacture of hand tools. Modern hand tools still retain the characteristics of the original hand tools, such as the pliers created in 300 AD and the whole set of wrenches for tightening and loosening screws, which are still in use today.
With the development of modern machinery and metallurgical technology, hand tools are constantly updated and developed in terms of shape design, material use, etc., fully taking into account design factors such as mechanics and human body functions; with the development of social economy and the fine division of labor in industrial production, The manufacture of hand tools is more specialized and the functions are more diversified. Special hand tools such as on-board tools and electronic instrument assembly tools have appeared.
Hand tools are a relatively conceptual classification, which mainly refers to tools driven by machines or automation. Because its driving method is mostly manual, it got its name. Some tools can be used manually, or installed on machines or automatic mechanisms, so there is no strict distinction as to the tools themselves.

Hand tools can be divided into cutting tools and decoration auxiliary tools according to their functions. According to their use, they can be divided into screw and nut assembly hand tools (such as wrenches, screwdrivers), construction hand tools, garden hand tools (scissors, sickles, and knives) , Tree branch shears, etc.) pipe hand tools, measuring hand tools, woodworking hand tools, welding hand tools, etc. Common ones are hammers, files, knives, pliers, saws, screwdrivers, wrenches and diamond tools.