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Things to know when chain saw logging


The chain saw is the most widely used among many garden machine products. Because it has very sharp teeth and is used for high-speed cutting of wood, strict safety measures should be taken when using it. Any irregular operation will pose a certain safety hazard. Users need to pay attention to it. Then, what are the precautions for chain saw logging?

1. When felling logs, the operator should hold the chain saw with both hands and grab the handle of the chain saw with his right hand;

2. When starting to work, open the throttle of the chain saw to the maximum and clamp it with the clamp, and always pay attention to the surrounding environment;

3. After the engine has been working at the maximum throttle for a long time, it needs to be idled to allow the surrounding air flow to take away most of the heat in the chain saw engine, so as to avoid overheating of the ignition device, carburetor and other components on the engine. burn;

4. The operator must stand on the upper or side of the trunk when working on a slope, and pay attention to the rolling of the trees to prevent the danger of tripping over the stumps and branches;

5. Be careful when sawing trees with debris, the wood chips that split with the sawing will cause danger;

6. ??Be sure to pay attention to the natural tilt direction of the trees, especially the lush branches, pay attention to the wind direction and wind force, and do not cut the wood when the wind is too strong;

7. There must be a distance of 2.5 times the length of the felled tree between jobs.