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Correct use of chain saw


Chain saws are mainly used to cut down trees and trees, so they are mostly used in logging farms and forest farms. In our opinion, they may be more common. Therefore, friends are more open to chain saws. Naturally, they don’t know the correct way to use them. Let’s talk about oils. The correct use of saw

1. Before use, you must carefully read the chain saw instruction manual to understand the characteristics, technical performance and precautions of the chain saw.

2. Fill up the fuel tank and cosmetic tank's mixed oil before use; adjust the tightness of the saw chain, not too loose or too tight.

3. The operator must wear a helmet, protective gloves, eye glasses or protective mask before work.

4. After starting, the operator holds the rear saw handle and the front saw machine with his left hand. The angle with the base cannot exceed 50°, but the angle is too slow, otherwise it is not easy to operate.

5. When cutting, you should first saw off the ground branches, and then saw the tops of the branches. The heavy or loud screams should be pronounced.

6. To prevent damage to the branches or the saw chain from being clamped, when sawing thick branches, first saw a load off the underside of the branches, that is, use the end of the saw chain to cut an arc under the branches to make the branches fall under their own weight. . If there is a pinch saw, add a sharp trace to the middle of the saw cut, and then slowly pull out the saw chain.

7. When using a new chain saw, it must be run in for 30 days with medium and small loads before it can be operated at full load.

8. When using a high-branch chain saw, pay attention to the ground under your feet and maintain a stable posture when working on site.

9. When operating the chain saw, smoke or fire should occur.