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Product classification of stainless steel wire brushes


Stainless steel wire brush is a tool widely used in industrial production. It can be used for surface treatment and polishing of steel and aluminum; or for cleaning ceramic anilox rolls; it can also be used for cleaning, rusting, polishing and cleaning of industrial pipes and mechanical screw holes. In addition to these operations, compared to ordinary wire brushes, stainless steel wire brushes have no negative characteristics of being easy to rust and not durable. It can replace ordinary wire brushes for daily cleaning operations and produce better cleaning results when combined with cleaning agents.

Although the stainless steel wire brush has a wide range of action, in most cases, the corresponding type of wire must be selected according to different uses. When we select the brush, it is determined according to the result we want. Therefore, it is very useful to understand the product classification of the wire brush. The following is an introduction to the product classification.

There are many classifications of stainless steel wire brushes. According to the characteristics of the brush wires, we can simply divide them into two categories: straight wire wire brushes and curved wire wire brushes. Straight wire brushes are suitable for drilling and tufting. Because straight wire wire brushes cannot be standardized and neat after the steel wire is folded in half, it is unbearable. Here, I will focus on the curved wire.

The curved wire wire brush can be made to match the surrounding brush wires, so that even if the wire is folded in half, the inclination is not visible even if the wire is asymmetrical, and an excellent wire brush with high density, strong, and strong rust removal and resilience can be obtained.