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How to use Electric Test Pen


There are three types of electric pens, depending on which type you use:
1. Ordinary neon bulb type: This is the simplest. Hold the tail with your hand and touch the metal with a bit. The light is on and it is a non-voltage charged body.
2. Digital display type: press the metal button on the electric pen with your hand, touch the metal bit with the bit, the display shows the number, you can roughly judge the voltage of the charged conductor, this voltage value can only be used for reference and cannot be regarded as practical value.
3. Non-contact induction type: This kind of electric pen is a signal sent by the electric pen itself to induce the electromagnetic field generated by the charged body. When there is voltage in the conductor, it will generate an electromagnetic field, which is also called radiation, which is harmful to the human body. Use the head of this electric pen to directly approach a live conductor. No matter whether there is an insulator outside the conductor, as long as it is charged and has an electromagnetic field, and the electric pen receives a signal, it will alarm by sound and LED flashing to remind the surrounding electromagnetic field and phase. It is safer and easier to operate than the previous two.