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Structure of Car Use Voltage Tester


Car Use Voltage Testers produced by various manufacturers have different appearances, and some have made their own, but the structure is basically the same. The Car Use Voltage Tester has a pen holder; the front end of the pen holder has a metal tip called the pen tip, which is used to contact the measured point; the pen holder is equipped with an indicator light (small bulb or light-emitting diode); there is a wire at the back of the pen holder, and the wire is connected A clip. There are fuses in some Car Use Voltage Testers.
Because the battery voltage on the car is DC 12V, that is, DC12V, and the working voltage of automotive electrical appliances is also DC12V, the rated working voltage of the indicator lamp in the Car Use Voltage Tester is also DC12V, and the rated current is below 1A.
The rated voltage of the Car Use Voltage Tester fuse is DC12V, and the rated current is below 1A.