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What are the advantages and uses of the Adjustable Angle Cutter?


Multi Angle: 45 to 135 degrees, clean and tidy cut, no burrs. Large opening design, and with clear marks, the angle can be adjusted as needed to achieve simple and accurate operation.

Premium Stainless Steel: The stainless steel blade is quenched, which has higher impact toughness and wear resistance. It is not easy to break or fall off during use.

Safety Lock: The rotary lock is easy to close and open, safe and convenient, you don't need to worry about accidental scratching. It is comfortable to hold and suitable for long-term use.

Replaceable Blades:The miter shear kit includes 5 extra spare sharp and heavy duty replaceable blades. Please note that this miter shear cutter is not suitable for cutting metal or stainless steel.

Adjustable Angle Cutter Widely Used: Adjustable Angle Cutter, which is Miter shear cutter, and ideal for cutting plastic tubing, shoe moulding, household decoration, making picture frames, daily tasks work activities and DIY projects.

Adjustable Angle Cutter suit for Cutting trunking, semi-circular strip, woodworking edge sealing strip, rubber plastic strip, branch, thin lead block and so on.

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Adjustable Angle Cutter

Adjustable Angle Cutter